DFDS Seaways Car Ferries 

One of the great advantages of taking a DFDS Seaways ferry to France is that passengers can take their vehicle and explore France and other parts of Europe by road at their own pace.

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What's more, it's extremely easy to take your car as both routes – Dover to Dunkirk and Dover to Calais – are dedicated to car ferry travel. With both ports having excellent links to major motorways, it's also easy to quickly get started on your forthcoming journey.

Save Time and Money

When you take car ferries to France, you save time and money. Passengers choosing car ferry travel need not worry about the time it takes getting through airport check-in or the space restrictions on trains. When you travel with DFDS Seaways luxury car ferries to France, you can stroll freely on the deck, enjoying superb views, along with a wide range of amenities.

Onboard Facilities

We endeavour to provide the best car ferry services on the English Channel, with top class onboard facilities to ensure a stress-free ferry crossing. With a wide range of facilities onboard our ferries, we’re great value for money. You can relax in the luxury lounge, stroll on deck, enjoy a delicious meal at one of our onboard restaurants, or better still indulge in some shopping. Whatever you do, you’re sure to arrive at your destination totally relaxed.

Advantages of Going By Car

Taking the car has many advantages, and here are a few:

  1. You can travel with ease to a number of popular destinations in France and Europe, including Belgium and the Netherlands.
  2. Enjoy the freedom to see places of interest at your own leisurely pace.
  3. No wasted time at airports, just drive onto the ferry and off at the other end.
  4. Carry a lot of luggage at no extra cost!
  5. Saves you the trouble of finding transport when you arrive in France.
  6. Car ferries to France are convenient and economical.

How to Book Car Ferries

You need to tell us all your requirements at the time of booking, or your agent if you book through one. Don’t arrive without a booking as you probably won’t get on.

Ensure that you’re at the port 60 minutes before the departure time. Please carry the booking confirmation and all other necessary travel documents. Boarding cards and a car sticker will be given to you at the check in counter where staff will help you to embark.

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